I was dreading going through my closet thinking there was nothing in there that would be inspiring or worth keeping. Karen made the process fun with no pressure and inspired some new outfits within my own closet by pairing items together I had not thought of. Her style and kindness brought me confidence and helped put my best foot forward!
Don’t let your fear stop you from having Karen come into your closet. You’ll feel inspired and a weight lifted off as you remove unwanted items and organizing what remains.

Laura Kompkoff

After moving into our current home in July 2018, I was overwhelmed by the tall ceilings, blank walls and, most significantly, by the amount of furniture, art and knickknacks we would need to fill the space. Our new entryway, dining room and living room sat nearly empty for 6 months until a friend recommended that I call Karen. During our first meeting, Karen and I had a conversation about colors, styling, budget, and how I envisioned my family using the space. Karen had me gather items (such as artwork and photographs) that were important to us and that we wanted to see every day. I showed her one particular painting I had that was very sentimental to me, but I did not think it fit with (what I felt was) my style. Karen said, “surround your space with things you love”. This really resonated with me. We found a prominent wall to hang the painting and decided that this would be the focal point in the room. From there, everything started fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. For each element that needed to be purchased (area rugs, lamps, tables, chairs, etc.), Karen sent two to three choices to choose from and let me know how she thought each would work within the space and how it could coordinate with other elements we’d already chosen. I greatly appreciated not being overwhelmed with a ton of choices. Karen truly listened when I told her what I liked or didn’t like about potential pieces, making the entire process of selecting new furnishings and accessories (dare I say it?) fun! Now, our newly decorated rooms are cozy, functional and surrounded by things we love to see every day. If you are feeling intimidated by a space in your house, whether it stands empty or just doesn’t make you smile like it once did, call Karen. Karen will make certain that your space fits your family’s needs and that every time you walk into the room you are surrounded by things you love.

Carrie Predeger

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Karen and River + Road. I am a working mom, who travels regularly, and have a wide variety of events and occasions that require a flexible wardrobe. Karen helped me love my fall and winter wardrobe again, and identify the few items that I should acquire to complete the on-the-go ensembles that have made getting ready in the morning and packing for work trips, an enjoyable experience. Karen and I reviewed every item in my closet. I can say I have confidence every item in my wardrobe reflects my personal style and needs. Thank you for an incredible experience. I cannot wait to review my spring and summer wardrobes with Karen.

Kristina Woolston

Working with Karen from River + Road was such a delight! She created the most beautiful tablescape for my dining room - perfect for my holiday parties. Everything she touches is magic!

Colleen Viator

Thanks to Karen, we have a modernized a beautiful family heirloom. Sitting in storage for more than nearly 20 years was a small loveseat that needed new upholstery. It was wrapped up so well that it was like new but completely outdated! The type of sofa with a wood frame not your everyday sofa. It was darling in its day but seriously outdated.The sofa had strong sentimental value as it was the seat of honor in our house growing up and where you sat to take prom pictures, etc. I wanted it for the end of my bed. I could never decide on fabric or where to put it. Karen helped me to choose fabric and gave advice on changes to make it look more in style. The transformation was amazing and its not the preferred seat in my own house! I wish I had hired Karen sooner!
I also hired Karen to help transform our playroom TV room. It was a cluttered over furnished mess! We were putting our house on the market and had to do it quickly. Karen not only advised me on changes to make, she came over for 3 hours and helped me transform the room, move furniture, make posts on Facebook marketplace of things to sell. She saved me money as well! I thought I would have to buy things to make the room look photo ready. Not so! We used what we already had and our room was picture perfect for photos and showings! Also now the favorite room in the house!

Ena Laliberte

Karen is so creative and wonderful to work with! She helped me with ideas for my Thanksgiving table decorations and for the first time ever I have an amazing table for my family and friends this year!

Jessie Pappas