Workman's Wallet Black


Don't forget these...

"The perfect Classic wallet for the active adventurer. Our vertical wallets are hand crafted with genuine top-shelf leather that will age beautifully as time goes on. Every knick and scratch will only add to the character of your unique every day companion. Soon your wallet will tell your stories for you. Care for it and it will show the same care for you.


- Genuine 100% Full Grain Leather

- Billfold slot for all your fat stacks of cash

- 2 sets of 3 pocket card slots located on either side of the wallet (6 slots total)

- Each slot holds 1-2 right away and after time it will hold 2-3 cards in each slot

- 4.5 in. wide x 3.75 in. height (folded)

- Durable design and build

- Made with Love" FLINT