Alaska Salt Co. Culinary Salt Vials


Don't forget these...

Original Spit Salt (Spit Salt because it is harvested off of the Homer Spit). This raw sea salt adds a little flavor upgrade to any dish. The perfect finishing salt. Fresh from the sea - never bleached or chemically washed.

Alder Smoked salt adds a rustic flavor to any food without having to start the campfire. Pinch and sprinkle this sea salt onto salmon fillets, potatoes, sauteed veggies, anywhere you want to add a smoky flavor.

Garlic Breath - Garlic lovers this one is for you! Made with raw garlic cloves, this garlic salt is the garlickiest, saltiest garlic salt you have ever tasted. Guaranteed.

Ingredients: Spit Salt (sea salt), garlic, jalapeño, honey

BalSALmic Vinegar infused sea salt elevates your dish to the next level. Use it anywhere you would us balsalmic vinegar - sauteed veggies, poultry and definitely try it on strawberries with vanilla ice cream. SO good!

Fireweed Spit Salt is made with the blossoms of Alaska's most iconic wildflower. Their purple-pink hue is reminiscent of the Alaskan summer hillsides. These pretty crystals add a colorful finishing touch to any dish, but pair especially well with sugar cookies, ice cream or on the rim of your favorite cocktail.

Offered in 1 oz ($6) or 5 oz ($15) glass vessels.

Alaska Salt Co. products are harvested and handmade in beautiful Homer, Alaska (one of the most stunning places on earth). The Alaska Salt Co. infuses their skincare products and culinary salts with natural ingredients sourced from Alaska’s rugged and untouched terrain + the pristine water of the Kachemak Bay.