Book of Awakening


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An Invitation from Mark Nepo

This book is meant to be of use, to be a companion, a soul friend. It is a book of awakenings. To write this I’ve had to live it. It’s given me a chance to gather and share the quiet teachers I’ve met throughout my life. The journey of unearthing and shaping these entries has helped me bring my inner and outer life more closely together. It has helped me know and use my heart. It has made me more whole. I hope it can be such a tool for you.

“Mark Nepo is a true poetic empath, taking us on a 365 day-by-day journey. And no matter what day, or whatever you’re going through—like magic—you will find his words will speak to your exact situation, which at that moment instills in the reader an instant feeling of lightness, solace, warmth, and understanding. Pick this book up, again and again and again, and it will do the same for you.” —Steven Tyler-- Steven Tyler