natural perfume balm - sanguine


Don't forget these...

"If you're a fan of blossomy yet woodsy scents, this essential oil blend of French Lavender, Italian Petitgrain and Chinese Cedarwood might just be your next favorite thing. A natural alternative to perfumes, Conveniently slip this into your bag, make-up bag, and slim enough to even fit in your pocket or wallet.

Simply warm oil with finger and blend onto the underside of your wrists and nape. All other ingredients: Beeswax*, French Rose Clay. *Not a vegan product, we use beeswax only in our balms for their antibacterial properties and ability to "hold" essential oils to last on your skin.

We are currently in the process of finding an alternative for strict vegans! Note: Botanicals in balms are for decorative photographic purposes only." - even keel