Northern Nail Polish - Toxin Free + Vegan


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"Vegan. 10-toxin-free. Cruelty-free. American made. Eco-conscious. Northern Nail Polish founder, KC Springberg spends her days happily stirring up tiny bottles of stuff that glimmers, shimmers and shines. "Inspiration is all around us", KC explains, "I find colors and shades everywhere I travel... from the everyday beauty of communities, nature, animals, festivals, to the general idea of finding happiness". These concepts are what breathed life into Northern Nail Polish. Women and girls of all ages and lifestyles love the formula, including expecting moms, girls and teens, to older generations who are making the switch to healthier toxin-free products and cosmetics. Explore her vegan & cruelty free, 10-toxin-free nail polishes." Northern Nail Polish

Northern Nail Polish: ~ 10-Toxin-Free ~ Pregnancy & Child Safe ~ Natural, Vegan Ingredients ~ Cruelty-Free Formula ~ Chip-resistant & Long Lasting ~ Non-staining, Easily Removed ~ Handmade in Michigan