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Merry | Lemon + Juniper 9oz Coconut Wax Candle Scent Notes: • Top: Red Currant, Lemon Peel • Heart: Geranium, Juniper • Base: Black Currant, Peppermint
Scent Description: Our Merry candle is the perfect alluring balance of tart and sweet. Red currant and zesty lemon peel combine with airy ozone before giving way to a botanical heart of juniper and geranium. Base notes of black currant and just a hint of peppermint reinforce the tart freshness of this year-round scent.
Joy | Fir + Cypress 9oz Coconut Wax Candle Scent Notes: • Top: Cypress, Lemon Peel • Heart: Evergreen, Cedar • Base: Fir, Amber, Moss
Scent Description: Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of freshly cut Christmas trees with our Joy candle. This holiday scent captures the essence of the beloved fir tree, evoking memories of cherished traditions and the magic of the holiday season. The scent carries hints of crisp pine needles, infused with a touch of citrus and woody undertones. It creates an atmosphere that transports you to a winter wonderland, surrounded by the natural beauty and the unmistakable scent of a Christmas tree.
Sunday | Sage + Oakmoss 9oz Coconut Wax Candle Scent Notes: • Top: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit • Heart: Lavender • Base: Amber, Tonka Bean, Oakmoss Scent Description: This unique combination of oak moss, sage, amber, and lavender is a symphony of scents that invites you to unwind, rejuvenate, and connect with the tranquility of nature. The fragrance captures the essence of a peaceful forest retreat, where the aromatic herbs mingle with the gentle whispers of the wind through the trees.
Candle Details: • Hand-Poured in Mukilteo, Washington • All Natural Coconut Wax • Volume: 9oz • Burn Time: 50+ Hours • Recycled glass jar with wood lid • Packaged in a PLH linen bag and gift ready box • Lead and Zinc Free Cotton Wick • Premium Fragrance Oils • Phthalate Free • Vegan • Non-Gmo • Kosher • Gluten free • Non-Toxic • Cruelty Free
UnwindTop: Cardamom, Sea Salt • Heart: Orange Peel • Base: Palm, Amber, Light Musk Scent Description: Immerse yourself in the invigorating coastal experience with our Unwind candle. The scent opens with a refreshing burst of sea salt, reminiscent of ocean mist and breezy shores. As the aroma develops, vibrant notes of zesty orange peel uplift your senses, adding a touch of brightness and energy. Together, these elements create a captivating blend that evokes the feeling of a coastal paradise, where the sea meets the palms and the air is filled with a delightful citrus-spice harmony.
Dwell - Top: Petitgrain, Ozone • Heart: Sea Salt, Plum, Eucalyptus • Base: Powder, Sandalwood, Dark Musk Scent Description: This masculine fragrance blend harmoniously combines the invigorating qualities of ozone, sea salt, and eucalyptus with the refined elegance of plum, sandalwood, and musk. The fusion of these alluring scents transport you to a world of sophistication and charm.
Grace  • Top: Sea Salt, Coconut Water, Salted Ocean Mist • Heart: Lavender, Wood Sage, Lemonwood • Base: Driftwood, Moss, Amber Scent Description: This exquisite fragrance harmoniously blends the warmth of wood sage with the freshness of sea salt, creating a captivating experience. The top notes transport you to a windswept beach with hints of sea salt, reminiscent of the ocean's mist. As the candle burns, the heart notes wood sage and lemonwood emerge, infusing the air with a subtle and grounding herbal aroma. The combination is truly enchanting, evoking a sense of tranquility and a deep connection to nature.
Sugar | Cashmere + Vanilla 9oz Coconut Wax Candle Scent Notes: • Top: Cotton Candy, Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Fig Leaves • Heart: Cashmere, Licorice Blossom, Lily of the Valley • Base: Vanilla, Caramel, Musk Scent Description: Indulge in the whimsical charm of our sugar candle, where sugary delights and enchanting fragrances intertwine. As the scent fills the air, the top notes of cotton candy dance on the senses, releasing a luscious and enticing sweetness that instantly uplifts your mood. Let this delightful aroma transport you to a world where every moment is filled with sweetness and joy.