SKEEM - Fireplace Match Cloche


Don't forget these...

The soft, white, ombre finish of the Cloud Cloche is reminiscent of a frosted snow globe. Lovely displayed by your fireplace, these matches are a reminder that there is light within the darkness. Also comes in Smoke (gray tinted glass).

Skeem Designs discovered this vessel shape during their travels to Japan. Reminiscent of a vintage glass cloche, originally used to protect emerging seedlings in gardens Each piece is hand blown and fitted with a cork stopper in the bottom. . Once the matches are gone, it can be a curiosity used to display a found specimen.

• 11 ¼˝ high x 3 ½˝ wide
• hand blown glass
• strike-on-bottle flint
• cork stopper

Skeem Design candles, cloches and match sets are designed to bring joy, comfort and a bit of luxury to any home. Clean and modern with a natural vibe.

Skeem Design is mindful of the enviroment when develeping each and every one of their products. Their goal is to make beautiful pieces, that can stand on their own in order to avoid unnecessary packaging. Their lovely vessels are made with the intention to be repurposed. Use their vessels as vases or for holding kitchen, bathroom and desk items. All of their products are made and shipped from their USA studio to reduce their carbon footprint. Love their products and mission!