well rested every day


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"Jolene Hart—bestselling wellness book author of the Eat Pretty series—offers moms, professionals, and overextended women of every stripe day-by-day inspiration for bringing peace, restoration, and radical change into their lives in this empowering gift book.
Well-Rested Every Day is an inspirational guide for the millions who recognize their need for rest, but lack the knowledge, ideas, or support to take action. Its pages offer 365 ideas to inspire pause, including simple tips and recipes that calm and restore the body; rituals that encourage presence, stillness, and intuition; practical applications of the most cutting-edge science on rest; and guidance on shifting habits and mindsets that block the ability to rest.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, entrepreneur, caretaker, professional, or any combination of these and other highly demanding and stressful roles, it's easy to forget how—and why—rest matters, as long as we can maintain a constant busy pace.
 Well-Rested Every Day will show you why rest is an intuitive, brave, and even radical act—one that adds value and depth to our lives rather than removes opportunities. It will show you why rest and stillness make space for possibility—to become our best selves, to more deeply enjoy life, to celebrate all that is good in this moment and all that is to come in the future. Above all, this book is a timeless celebration of the power of rest and a woman’s right to claim it on any day—in any moment—she chooses. This book will engage you not just for 365 days but for years to come by building a more rest-focused lifestyle one tip, recipe, ritual, or reflection at a time."