It all started when I was three years old and refused to wear the outfit my mom laid out for me for preschool one morning.  I said that it didn’t match and would not put it on.  From that moment on, I have always picked out my own clothing and helped others with their outfits; loving every minute.  Growing up I helped my Dad select his tie to match his suit and helped my mom pick out her seasonal wardrobe.  I would spend hours cutting out inspirational outfit pictures from magazines and taping them to my walls.  Even though I followed my parent’s advice and majored in business (accounting) my love for clothing and fashion never faded. Throughout my adult years I have worked in several apparel boutiques helping women select timeless yet modern pieces that define their character. Through the encouragement of friends and family, who I have been helping for years, I decided to create river + road. 

The home design piece came a bit later.  After moving several times, both in the US and internationally, and decorating many houses, through trial and error, I figured out how to make any house a home. And loved the process of doing so.   I have helped design one of my homes, redesigned kitchens and bathrooms, and refreshed various living spaces.  Friends and family started asking me to assist them in selecting furniture or helping them to redesign/recreate a room.  I love helping to create a space that is unique to who they are and fits into their current lifestyle.

Designing the beautiful layers of life. welcome to river + road.

– karen