room refresh services

Decorating can be intimating.  Making decisions on what to purchase whether it be a piece of furniture, a rug, or a variety of accessories can be an overwhelming task. And after making your purchases, figuring out the placement of your pieces has it’s own set of challenges. Your home is your sanctuary.  Each room should reflect your personal style, how you want to feel when you enter (calm, inspired, energized, etc) and where you want to settle in and enjoy your life.  I can help you find the aesthetic that resonates with you and your family. We will determine colors that speak to you and help you identify pieces that you want to surround yourself with.  We will also discuss different styles that you gravitate towards and how I will you help you incorporate them into a look and feel that is individual to you.


A kitchen is a place to gather.  Whenever we have a party, everyone gravitates to the kitchen.  It’s the heart of the home.  It should be warm and inviting. As a stylist, I work with the structures you already have in place.  To update your space to make it more personal.  Redoing a kitchen can be a daunting task.  There are so many decisions to be made.  river + road is here to assist you when it time to update your backsplash or countertop, swap out your sink, change up your lighting, etc.

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living spaces

Your home should tell your story and speak to who you are.   A place where you want to settle in.  Your sanctuary.  Vignettes are my favorite way of doing just that.  Taking collections and pieces that you already own and displaying them in an eye changing way is what I love to do.   I do this on a daily basis in my own home and can help you do the same.  river + road is also here to guide when you want to recreate a room or rooms.  I can help to select new furniture and accessories, choose a paint color or rearrange an entire space.

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A bathroom is a very personal space.  A place to seek refuge and decompress.  There are several changes you can make to a bathroom to make it your own. Replacing faucets and fixtures can give a bathroom a whole new look.  Painting or wallpapering can give the space a completely different feel.  Simple updates can make a significant difference.  river + road is here to guide you through the process.


I am not an interior designer.  I do not know how to use computerized design tools or have accounts with the latest and greatest designers. I know some very talented, local, interior designers, in the Findlay area, who can help with larger projects. What I do know is how to work with colors, lighting, textiles, and different design elements to help create a space that is unique to the dweller.  I can help you thoughtfully select pieces that will, in turn, enhance your well-being. And by doing so create spaces that serve a purpose, are functional and make you happy.