Men's Smooth Leather Belt in Light Brown


Don't forget these...

"These leather belts are more contemporary than the standard leather belts. Therefore, we have worked on specific details such as texture, shape, and buckle conception to obtain that. However, we have kept the traditional colours of the leather belt range: black and shade brown.

The texture: BILLYBELT leather belts are soft, thin and have beautiful smooth or fibrous surfaces.

The shape: the wide is between 3.4cm and 3.8 cm (1.33 in and 1.49 in). It's the perfect one for all men's trousers. The extremity of these leather belts was cut and embossed by the BILLYBELT brand to be more modern.

The shape: Silver or black pin, the buckles have two functionality. The first one is excellent support. The last one is to add a stylish touch to enhance your outfit." BB